Drew Carey breaks down saying goodbye to long-time TPIR employee Scott Robinson. Such a class act.

As a Cleveland native who met Drew Carey several times during the 90s back when I was in my earlier 20s working as a barback. I will tell you a story buried in the back of this sub commment. Back in I think it would have been 98 Cleveland got the Baseball Allstar game. I was working at a place called Shooters in the Flats as a barback. Back then a really huge place. Long story. Anyways, for the weekend Shooters had an event. And a lot of baseball players and celebrities basicaly hung out on the roof. I only remember two things after working with another guy to get a keg up a full flight of stairs. #1: I asked Barry Bonds for his autograph. He literally shood me away. #2: I said hi to Drew. Said I was a big fan. Stuck out my hand. He smiled and shook. Asked him for a picture. He took it. Sadly I dont have it now. But a really nice guy.