Not in my house!

Not in my house!

You have no idea how much of a damn mess that creates! I was living in a dorm and my roommate had his friend over. I had some ramen noodels (stable food right?) and they decided to play baseball with a couple packages and a mini ironing board. That shit went EVERY where. I still had some to clean up when I moved out :/


Kick Ass Mall Cop on the news

I hope this notoriety gets the guy some backup. I hope there a social movement to actually address how the black underclass (e.g., the "SHECANYELL" woman and her "THAS WHY YOU GAY" children) can end its cultural poverty and embrace middle class values, like a nuclear family, gainful employment, not committing violent crime, etc. So much needless destruction and wasted resources attempting get people to respect basic civil order.